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"Drawing caricatures is great fun and so easy to learn with this course.  I'd recommend it to anybody"


We recommend that either before or after this course students complete our certificate course in cartooning (although this is not a pre-requisite to enrolment).
Course CAR01: "The Complete Cartoonist".

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Caricature Course Contents:
There are 6 individual modules specially written for distance learning, teaching our unique 10 Step Method of drawing caricatures.  The caricature course modules show you how to identify and capture the key features of a subject in order to create polished caricatures that will both entertain and impress.

No additional text books are required. Apart from pens and paper, the caricature course pack contains everything you need to learn to caricature.

Once you have grasped what it is that makes a drawing a caricature', you go on to learn how to study your subject, and how to recognise basic head shapes and key caricature features. Detailed examples, step by step guides and practical caricature exercises are all included to help you build your skills until you can successfully create effective face-on caricatures.

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You will learn how to produce detailed underdrawings before inking in the final caricature image.  Additional bonus sections cover clothing and props. There is even a section on using computers to enhance your caricature work.

In addition to practical exercises, 6 tutor marked assignments ensure that by the time you complete this course, you will be well practised in creating striking caricatures suitable for sale or publication.

This caricature course will show you how to draw stunning caricatures quickly and easily

Caricature course spaces available.

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Can you  paint? After you complete this course you can combine your skills to create stunning full colour caricature portraits like this one..

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